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Brussels (BE), L'Archiduc: Omri Ziegele Tomorrow Trio

Omri Ziegele is one of the most interesting and active saxophoneplayers in Switzerland. With the TOMORROW TRIO, which consists of musicians from three different generation, he activates his Jazz vocabulary once more. With Christian Weber and especially with Han Bennink there are two monuments oft he European Jazz in this band, which looks at the past to proclaim the future – all those yesterdays.

Han Bennink plays since decades and influences the musical development in Europe & America, one of the pioneers of modern drumming and one who plays his instrument with virtuosity and a good sense of humour.

And Christian Weber is a very active bassplayer who plays in different projects and bands throughout Europe, has a wonderful round sound and knows his way in lots of genres.

The trio plays in the best tradition of the saxophone trio and evolves a unique sound and an intensity rarely heard nowadays.

This trio exists since 2015 and this is the third tour. A new CD will be released in 2020 on INTAKT records. All compositions are written by the bandleader Omri Ziegele.